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SIRET number: 851 239 749 000 27

I am unable to consult a situation notice, the following message appears: "This company has exercised its right of opposition to INSEE. It is not commercially available." What does that mean ?

You cannot get a situation notice because this sole proprietorship has asked to no longer appear on the public distribution lists under Article A123-96 of the Commercial Code.

For security reasons, some associations and organizations under the Ministry of Defense cannot be disseminated either.

If this company is yours and you wish to obtain an opinion of the situation, you can send a letter to the regional office of Insee to which you depend in order to receive a notice of situation in the directory.

Payment security: guarantees you the greatest security: accepts credit cards, VISA cards and Master cards. Your transactions are protected, and only go through CIC's MONETICO secure banking server.

Your banking information therefore does not pass through the site and neither the staff of youngtimersclassic nor any Internet user will have access to them.

The Monetico payment online payment solution uses the standardized encryption system called "the TLS protocol".

It takes shape, when you are on the payment page, by:

a pictogram in a corner of your browser: one of these signs must be present (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari browsers) padlock logos present during a secure connection

in the address bar of your browser, the browser is in "https: //" mode instead of "http: //"

when you switch from unencrypted mode to encrypted mode (and vice versa), browsers display a message warning you of the change.

Check these elements before entering confidential data, it is a guarantee of security. In order to use the most powerful protocols, we recommend the use of a browser of the latest version.


OVH Headquarters: 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - FRANCE

New legislative regulations for merchants online dispute resolution

regulation named ODR

(Online Dispute Resolution

ODR platform (the online dispute resolution platform) at EU level and

the rules for cooperation with national bodies responsible for

dispute resolution.

link to the RLL platform

whose URL is as follows:


Since October 2008, a new safety standard has been operational in France. It aims to authenticate the holder of a bank card when paying over the internet. This standard is declined under the name of "Verified by Visa" for Visa and "MasterCard SecureCode" for MasterCard. Its principle is based on the verification of information known only by the holder of the bank card (like the 4-digit code) and which will be requested by his bank during transactions on the web.