Renault Super 5 GB - gb

The Renault Super 5, an extension of the legendary R5, was a pillar of the 80s.

With a modernized look and technical advances, it quickly conquered the roads.

Among its versions, the Super 5 GT Turbo stands out in particular.

With its supercharged engine and sporty look, it has become an emblem for thrill seekers.

However, time spares no mechanics, and parts for these jewels become scarce.

That's where Youngtimersclassic comes in.

Specialists in the production of parts for these iconic models, we offer a new life to the Super 5 and its GT Turbo variant.

Thanks to Youngtimersclassic, these road icons continue to shine on the asphalt, testifying to a golden era of the French automobile.

Renault Super 5 - Spare parts for classic cars

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