Trunk Monogram Badge for Peugeot 104

Logo 104 for Peugeot 104


Monogram 104 for Peugeot


Logo 104




peugeot 104
Completely original Refabrication Youngtimers Classic Exceptional quality product

Item Description : Logo 104

Opt for this monogram to enhance the exterior appearance of your Peugeot 104 .

It is a small logo to be placed on the rear part of the trunk.

It can replace a worn or old 104 monogram while helping you personalize your racing car.

Its design, dimensions and finish are also those of the original and it can perfectly match any color of the vehicle, since it is black plastic with gray or chrome numbers to choose from the menu. .

Item with double face on the back for easier installation.

Logo 104 for Peugeot 104
Usine_Yountimer Classic


Youngtimers Classic is the benchmark in France for online production and distribution of spare parts for old cars.

We have been present on the market for more than 5 years and we especially addressed to car enthusiasts "youngtimers". We also supply parts for interior only mechanical parts and we are committed to giving complete satisfaction to all of our customers.

Thanks to our new parts identical to the original models, you can restore and drive your car again!


article packaging : Logo 104

Thanks to our team, you can receive at your order "Logo 104" within 2 to 4 working days We do indeed guarantee fast and secure delivery.

With Youngtimers Classic, we are committed to delivering them under the best possible conditions. Indeed, we prepare the orders ourselves before sending them. And we favor ecological packaging, resistant and practical.

Emaballage_Yountimer Classic
Usine_Yountimer Classic


Looking to restore a classic car but can't find original parts?

As specialists in the production and online sale of spare parts for vintage cars, we offer tailor-made prototyping services for your parts.

We make personalized pieces for your PEUGEOT , we model with scanners and produce prototypes with FDM resin 3D printers. We are also specialized in vacuum casting, aluminum mold making and injection molding.


Logo 104 for Peugeot 104

Logo 104

  • Body parts : Rims / Wheels
  • Brand : PEUGEOT
  • Model of 104 : Peugeot 104 ZS
  • Model of 104 : Peugeot 104

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Data sheet

Body parts
Rims / Wheels
Model of 104
Peugeot 104
Peugeot 104 ZS
Name of the scene
Logo 104
State of the part
Refabrication Youngtimers Classic

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