Clio 16S breather hose Rubber material

Clio 16S breather hose


Clio 16s breather hose (cylinder head cover).





true to the origin Refabrication Youngtimers Classic quality product

product detail : Hose

Rubber material.

Youngtimersclassic brand remanufacturing

Clio 16S breather hose
Usine_Yountimer Classic

youngtimers classic

Founded in 2016, Youngtimers Classic is a company specialized in the remanufacturing and distribution of spare parts for vintage cars.

We present our catalog on and we offer different categories of products. In fact, we mainly provide spare parts for cars dating from the 70's, 80's and 90's. So you can find with us everything you need to equip your RENAULT .

What also makes us special is the fact that we do modeling with scanners and prototyping with resin and FDM 3D printers. We focus on vacuum casting, making aluminum mold and plastic injection.


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The youngtimers Classic team makes every effort to ensure that the packaging of your article : Hose be as neat as possible.

We are committed to delivering to you quickly and in the best possible conditions. we guarantee delivery within 2 to 4 days, from the day you validate your order Youngtimers Classic uses suitable and environmentally friendly packaging.

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Usine_Yountimer Classic

remanufacturing on request

Want to restore a vintage car, but you can't find genuine parts?

As a specialist in the production and online sale of spare parts for vintage cars, we offer the manufacture of a tailor-made prototype for your part. We can actually make tailor-made pieces for your RENAULT .

We perform modeling with scanners and prototyping with FDM resin 3D printers. Apart from that, we we also focus on vacuum casting, aluminum mold making and plastic injection.


Clio 16S breather hose
  • Cooling / Hoses : Oil hoses
  • Brand : RENAULT
  • Clio model : Renault Clio 16S
  • Name of the scene : Hose

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Data sheet

Cooling / Hoses
Oil hoses
Clio model
Renault Clio 16S
Name of the scene
State of the part
Refabrication Youngtimers Classic

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